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All aspects of my life have improved since I started Chiropractic. I am able to do my complete workout regimen, which includes jogging, weight lifting, and abdominal work, without pain. My energy level has certainly increased.

–          P.W.


Ever since my football injury, subluxation caused problems that would not allow me to walk or stand in a normal fashion. Now I am able to function at a normal level, I can take a walk, go to the gym, and do all the little things we take for granted. Chiropractic has brought back all the activities I lost for a long period of time.

–          T.G.


Prior to Chiropractic, I suffered severe low back pain and occasional headaches. I always thought the problem was muscular, but through Chiropractic, I found out it was skeletal. As an athlete, I find when I am adjusted on a consistent basis I have increased flexibility and speed. Chiropractic has been a tremendous help for me. I think this has added more playing years to my playing career.

–          M.S.


I had a very sore neck and shoulders. I was under a lot of stress and suffered from headaches daily. I had suffered for many years and had purchased a bottle of Advil before coming to the office. Two and half months later, the bottle still sits unopened (NO HEADACHES) and the ball of stress and tension between my shoulders is gone. I recommend Chiropractic care, simply because of the knowledge and great education you get!

Biggest improvement – I am able to sleep undisturbed!! No pain in the back or tingling sensation in the left arm is gone – I’m not waking up headaches, and have been told I am a nicer person to be around!

–          N.M


In a nutshell, Chiropractic has been quite beneficial for our family and I have no doubt my family and I will keep on enjoying as we are assured this will help us stay away from medication and function in the most health fashion. We all feel better and cannot say enough about seeking the benefits of Chiropractic care. We feel more alive, less pain, and certainly feel that our bodies function to their full potential!

–          N.O


I am standing taller – my posture has improved, and I can feel more confidence in my step. I have better flexibility overall and a better outlook on life. Dr.Marcia has helped me have less pain, more energy and decreased stress, and I just feel better!

–          B.S


Since beginning care with Dr.Marcia, I have noticed less pain, better sleep and the greatest benefit I have noticed thus far is greater flexibility and better movement. I notice I am also more resistant to colds and flu’s.
–         J.B


Since beginning care, I have noticed less pain, better sleep and increased focus, better movement, decreased stress, greater flexibility and a greater sense of well being. I find I can concentrate much better on what I’m doing rather than the pain being constant and aggravating, which it is NOT anymore Yipee! I notice I am not as tired at the end of the day, and it doesn’t hurt to bend over!

–          P.S


I have been able to bend and not feel the need to stretch when exercising to relieve my low back pain – that is a first! I have less pain, decreased stress, and more hope that ailments I have not had success in healing from will now be accomplished!

–          A.W


Better sleep, more hope and better overall understandings of my body have been the most significant changes I have seen in myself since being under care. Also, I didn’t realize how quickly sinus problems clear up with Dr.Marcia’s unique technique!
–          C .F


I have noticed less pain, better sleep, better motion and improvement in overall wellness since starting care with Dr.Marcia. I have also found my range of motion has increased and I am able to bend much better!
–          B.B


I have noticed more energy, better sleep and increased focus since beginning care. I have really noticed increased flexibility, and longer strides in my hockey games, as well more endurance – I’m not so tired after the games!
–          T.R


My husband and I got married in September 2009 and knew we wanted to start a family right away. After months of trying to conceive with no pregnancy, I contacted my Dr. and she said we needed to try for a year before we could be referred to a fertility specialist. We waited our year and were referred to Generations, a fertility clinic in Madison, WI. While at Generations I went through many tests but was never really given a diagnosis as to why we weren’t getting pregnant. Our first plan was to do artificial insemination and we paid for 3 inseminations with the clinic. I remember going to the clinic to get inseminated and feeling on top of the world. I was very confident everything was going to work out. The Dr. came into our room after my husband gave his “donation” and told us his sperm count was a little low however he proceeded with the insemination. He then left the room and came back in a few minutes later and said that we should do more testing on my husband as his sperm count was so low that he wasn’t comfortable doing any future inseminations. I was crushed instantly and was emotionally drained and upset that the Dr. hadn’t suggested getting my husband checked out prior to that. Didn’t he understand what a rollercoaster that just put me through? My husband met with a male fertility specialist and it was determined that he had a varicose vain that was causing the low sperm count (I can’t remember the medical term). He told us this is very common and that we could do surgery but it would take another year for the full affects of the surgery to take place, and that was still only curing half our problem since I had fertility issues as well.

We decided to take a few months off of the fertility treatments and get some normalcy back in our lives. We knew in our hearts that Generations wasn’t the right place for us and based on a referral from a friend, we contacted Wisconsin Fertility and had our records transferred there. After meeting with the Dr. it was suggested to us that IVF was the best route for us to take in order to get pregnant. IVF is very expensive and we were very fortunate that we had the ability to pay for this since insurance didn’t cover anything. I’m not sure what other couples in our shoes would have done.

I don’t think one can really prepare themselves for IVF until you go through it yourself. I have a high pain tolerance and the shots didn’t necessarily bother me, but the fact that I was shooting all of these hormones into my body seemed barbaric and unnatural and I was very worried about the long-term effects of these drugs. But once again I went into IVF feeling extremely positive and on top of the world as I thought this was going to be the answer to our prayers. Unfortunately it wasn’t. We paid for 3 rounds of IVF with one extraction and were only able to produce 3 embryos. We chose to implant 2 embryos the first round and when my pregnancy test came back negative, I felt like our dreams of having a biological child was over. Words will never be able to express what that feels like. I tried to be strong with my family and friends but I know how my heartache hurt them as well. I felt so alone in my pain. My husband was always there to remind me how lucky we are and to focus on what we have, not what we want. Without his support and that reminder, I’m not sure how I would have gotten through this time.

A month after failing at our first attempt of IVF, I met Dr. Marcia Schaefer at a chamber dinner. She sat across from me at the table eating a garden salad with no dressing while the rest of us dined on mashed potatoes and gravy along with other comfort food. I’m usually not a nosy person but after a glass of wine I asked Dr. Schaefer why she wasn’t enjoying the fattening food with the rest of us. She briefly shared her cancer story with me and I was really moved by her. I thought if she can beat cancer, would she maybe have some advice for me on how I could get pregnant? I asked her for a card and when we left the dinner that night, I told my husband I was going to call her and tell her our story. I even called my mom that night to tell her about the woman I sat across from at dinner and told my mom how I felt that I was meant to meet her. Boy was I right.


I called Dr. Schaefer’s office a few days later to make an appointment for an adjustment. I had been diagnosed with scoliosis in 5th grade and had always had back problems so I knew it would be a good idea to have an adjustment and planned on slipping the fertility issues into conversation to see what advice she could offer. To my amazement, our first appointment did not consist of an adjustment but instead she did a thorough exam and questionnaire. Dr. Schaefer said chiropractic care often helps with fertility issues and while that was great to hear, I didn’t necessarily believe it would help me. A week or so later I went for my follow up exam to review all the tests she had done and Dr. Schaefer was thrilled at the results, not because everything was fine with my back, but because things weren’t fine however she believed she not only could make me feel better but that this was also the reason we weren’t getting pregnant. She repeatedly told me she was confident she was going to help us conceive. For the first time in a very long time, I had hope again and at that stage in our journey, that is all I could ask for. I signed up for a program with Dr. Schaefer and began adjustments with her 3 times per week.

I obviously had some belief that Dr. Schaefer would be able to help me or I wouldn’t have started seeing her, but at the same time I was a little skeptical as I had never heard of anyone going to a chiropractor to get pregnant. I not only received adjustments with Dr. Schaefer but she also provided nutritional and fitness advice as well. One thing I knew for sure was that she wanted me to get pregnant and was going to help me in any way she can. This was a feeling I hadn’t received from any doctor before. I always felt like a number everywhere else.

On June 28th of this year I woke up at 5:30 in the morning like a kid at Christmas and grabbed the pregnancy test out of my purse that I had bought the day before. I didn’t even tell my husband of my suspicion because I really thought there was no way I could actually be pregnant. I took the test into the bathroom and laid the applicator flat on the floor after taking the test. I couldn’t believe my eyes as it immediately turned positive. I must have opened my eyes and closed them to re-look at the test 100 times before I would finally believe it was real. I went screaming my husband’s name into the bedroom and he irritably asked what the heck was going on since he was sound asleep. I told him I was pregnant and he immediately hopped out of bed to come look at the test. That was a very special day for us and June 28th is a day that I will never forget.

I am now 13 weeks along and we have since found out that we are blessed with identical twins. My heart feels overwhelmed with gratitude. I still get emotional thinking about how lucky I am because I can still feel the pain of all the women who are struggling to conceive. That pain I feel might be like survivor’s guilt to some degree – I don’t know why we got so lucky.

I am a private person yet feel it is my mission now to tell my story in hopes of helping other couples understand they do have other options for fertility care. I know that chiropractic care will not help every couple and that not every chiropractor will be able to help the way Dr. Schaefer has, however it is so important for fertility clinics to offer their patients other options. Doctors should be working together to help the greater good, health and well being of their patients.     -AW

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